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Pet Portraits are completely customizable! You can keep it simple with just your animal in the picture, or you can have their name added.


One animal is the regular price. An additional animal is $5 extra. 2 animals is the max on one board depending on size and complexity.


What kind of picture will work?


The type of pictures that work the best are ones with:

Good Lighting

A Full Image of the Animal

High Quality/Not Blurry


If you have an image that you would like me to make into a design, send it to after adding this to your cart and checking out. Include your name (and phone number if you don't check your email often) and when you plan on painting this design (party or just coming into the studio). I will send you a mock-up for you to approve before I cut the stencil. Please respond promptly.

Pet Portrait

  • Pet Portraits must be submitted at least a week before the event you'd like to attend as they take a lot of time to make.

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