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Do you have a loved one (human or animal) that has passed away and was cremated? Would you like to have something you can carry with you all the time to keep them close? These rings are perfect for you! Customize it exactly how you want it and be able to always keep them close.


Keep in mind that if you put yellow stones (or any color) on a different color background (like black), they will not be the same color as they are in the picture. Also, please note that mixing in glow powder will also change the background color if you want your ring to glow in the dark. All options are in the pictures. You may have to swipe if you’re on a phone.


If your ashes are chunks, they will be used in between the stones. If the ashes are a powder, your background color will change because the ashes get mixed with the color.


Once you have ordered, send about 1 tablespoon of ashes to:

One Little Piggy

P.O. Box 1165

Walker, MN 56484

Everything I don’t use will be returned to you.


A small box or padded envelope is best and you should get a tracking number to be sure it gets to me safely. *Please include your invoice number in the package.*


Turn around time is around 2 weeks from when I receive the cremation remains. You will receive an email when I print your shipping label with a tracking number. Please be sure to put in your correct shipping address at check out so that I can ship your ring to you without issues. Price includes me shipping the ring to you, but does not include shipping the cremation remains to me.

If you’re local, send an email to after you order or reply to your confirmation email and we can schedule a time for you to drop your cremation remains off. Same if you’d like to pick it up instead of have it shipped. You can also message me on my Facebook Business page. Please include your confirmation number in all beginning messages.

Memorial Ring

  • These rings are made with high quality stainless steel. They can be worn all day, every day. They can get wet and will withstand a lot. If something needs to be fixed down the road, please contact me.

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