Ashley’s bachelorette sign party is scheduled for Thursday, August 4th at 1:30pm.

Please read the entire description before you check out.

Do NOT forget to add your design to your cart (explained below)!

Registration closes Monday, August 1st for pre-made designs listed on the website. Custom designs need to be in by Thursday, July 28th or earlier.

To Book: Add this listing to your cart then go back to the Shop page and scroll down to choose your design. Size options are listed in the drop down box. Add your sign choice to your cart then check out! Please call or text if you have any problems or questions! 218-536-0083

Last minute registrations will have a $5 fee added. If you don’t register online, there are designs available the same day, but no new designs will be made if the one you wanted isn’t available.

Ashley’s Bachelorette Party


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